New! CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics Online

The content of the 91st Edition, 2010-2011, of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is now available online!

Access the handbook using the Articles & Databases link, or the Library Catalog.

The 91st Edition of the Handbook includes new tables and major expansions and updates, especially in the following areas:

Section 6: Fluid Properties

  • New tables on thermophysical properties of selected fluids at saturation and on the dependence of liquid density on temperature and pressure
  • Major updates for tables on the density of water and properties of ice and D2O
  • Major update and expansion of the table on critical constants of organic compounds

Section 8: Analytical Chemistry

  • Major updates for tables on the ionization constants of water and heavy water

Section 9: Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy

  • Updates for tables on atomic radii of the elements, bond dissociation energies, and spectroscopic constants of diatomic molecules

Section 10: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

  • Major update for the table on atomic transition probabilities (added new elements) and updates for tables on electron affinities and atomic and molecular polarizabilities

Section 12: Properties of Solids

  • New table on electron stopping powers of elements

Section 13: Polymer Properties

  • New tables on abbreviations in polymer science and on physical properties of polymers