Young Scientists Sparkle @ the Library!

*How many feet can *kudzu grow per day?  **

How do we produce enough food for the planet and still preserve the land?

What are three survival skills of cockroaches?

Over 30 middle school students participating in FGCU’s 7th Annual Summer Research Opportunity visited the Library to find the answers to these questions and more… scavenger hunt style.  But this was no ordinary scavenger hunt. The students were encouraged to use “collaborative competition”, which encourages sharing and exchanging information so that everybody learns and everybody wins. 

Fun (and a lot of learning) was had by all!

In this phase of the program, students learn how the library can facilitate and legitimize their research through the use of authoritative scholarly sources.  With the guidance of graduate assistants, team leaders, the science librarian, and staff, the students learned how to locate the sources needed through the online catalog and article searches, and then how to retrieve an item from the library collections. The students were enthusiastic, excited and fascinated to see what an academic library has to offer. The SRO program is sponsored by the Whitaker Center and is staffed by FGCU faculty and Graduate Student Assistants.