Find your family in 1940!

After 72 years of confidentiality, the 1940 census records became available on April 2, 2012.

Many people access the census to find relatives or ancestors. Listed in the census are the names, ages, relationships, and occupations of all the people living at a single address. This valuable information can help you “fill in the gaps” of your family’s history.

In addition, students of History, Sociology, and Economics can glean valuable information from the census too. Included are questions about migration, employment, salary, and participation in FDR’s New Deal programs. Information from the census can help complete the picture of what life was like on that day.

Searching is a bit tricky because you cannot search by name or street—yet! However, you can go to the “Unified 1940 Census ED Finder” to identify the enumerated district number associated with the person or location you’re looking for. A helpful video produced by the Associated Press will walk you through the steps.

Then go to to start your search!