New Art Installation "Building Blocks of Knowledge"

### Building Blocks of Knowledge ### An art installation for the Florida Gulf Coast University Library This artwork is a result of a class competition. Each student in Sculpture Workshop ART4922 was asked to choose a location on campus and then design a sculpture specifically for that location.  Their ideas were presented and then a class vote was taken. This artwork was chosen by popular vote. All the classmates felt this was an idea worth sharing. The class worked collaboratively over a four-week span to complete this project. Sunshine Ace Hardware of Naples generously donated the materials needed. ![IMAG1144]( [![IMAG1146](]( According to Kim, **“The site of the installation was of primary importance. A university campus is a place of higher learning. The library is a nucleus for learning, and research. It seemed like a perfect fit. Through the use of simple origami shapes I created a design that conveys the importance of learning and knowledge as the building blocks and foundation of our futures”.** Designed by: Kim Marhoefer Willis In Collaboration with: Brigette Baker, Angie Cruz, Andrea Dickinson, Roxanne DuBois, Matthew Engle, Frank Grumpert, Julianna Javier, Cheryl Kainrad, Gwynne Lathinghouse, Fabian Ortiz, Sarah Page, Mark Poucher, Chris Vacha, Anthony Ward, Kim Willis