Ecotone: Art in State Buildings Project

Ecotone Installation Complete: FGCU Library’s Art in State Buildings Project

Artist: Barbara Cooper

The project has been a year and a half in the works and was installed this month in the Library Atrium.

There are two forms, each about 25′ long, that float in the center of the atrium, near the elevator banks of the library. The piece is made of layers of cherry veneer that are all glued together.

ecotone4 ecotone3
 From the artist, “The piece is called Ecotone. I saw the term used while I was down for a site visit exploring the ecology of the area and I loved the idea that the overlap of two different ecosystems creates the richest and most diverse area of the two ecologies. I thought that this was a good metaphor for the library itself as it is a coming together of so many different information systems, but especially because of where it is sited on the campus, on the edge, looking out over the water, the library becomes part of an ecotone between the world of nature and the world of culture.”
For more information about the Art in State Buildings projects at FGCU, please see the Facilities Planning page.