Fun reads: Grace's Guide

*Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up is one of many new book arrivals to the FGCU Library’s collection. Grace Helbig, host of *it’sGrace on YouTube, has gathered some tongue-in-cheek, though sometimes actual good advice for people of all ages trying to act like adults.  Helbig covers topics including how to interview for a job, tips for surviving school and the office, how to make adult friends, dating, cooking and travel. Its a fun, colorful book that occasional veers into “bad behavior” territory (the “How to Get Over a Hangover” and “How to Do the Walk of Shame” chapters come to mind), perfect for summer reading.

This book and other modern humor books can be found on the second floor of Library East in and around the PN6231 section of the General Collection.