Introducing our new Health Professions & Social Work Librarian, David Petersen

How did you get to where you are? Growing up, I regularly visited the library; it was one of my favorite events of the week. After earning a graduate degree in history, I decided to switch careers. I took a job with Miami Children’s Hospital in their medical library for five years. Subsequently, I was the health sciences librarian for a private university in east Tennessee before coming here. In short, I basically stumbled into health sciences librarianship.

Favorite space in the library? Study area on the third floor next to the windows, nice and quiet with a beautiful view.

Favorite book and why? Difficult question for any librarian as we like various books for differing reasons. David McCullough’s recent biography on the Wright brothers was an enjoyable read. I like reading a variety of history, biography, and religion books; C.S. Lewis is a particular favorite.