Eric Shamus, Ph.D. & Arie van Duijn, Ph.D.: March 2017 FGCU Author Series Nominee

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Shamus and Dr. Arie van Duijn, our 43rd honorees in the FGCU Author Series of recently published books authored or edited by FGCU faculty and staff. Dr. Shamus and Dr. van Duijn’s book, Manual Therapy of the Extremities, will be featured on the Library website during the month of March 2017 and displayed on a poster in the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors and New Books area.

Dr. Shamus began as a faculty member at FGCU in 2011 and currently holds the position of Department Chair for the Department of Rehabilitation. Dr. Shamus earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Florida International University. He went on to earn a Masters degree in Biomechanical trauma from Lynn University/University of Miami, a PhD in Educational Leadership from Lynn University and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Sage University. Dr. Shamus has participated in numerous national and international presentations as well as authoring multiple textbooks, chapters and journal articles.

Dr. van Duijn received his bachelor's degree in physical therapy in June of 1987 from the Academie voor Fysiotherapie in Leiden, The Netherlands, his post-professional master's degree in physical therapy in August of 1998 from the University of St. Augustine, and his doctoral degree in education from the University of Central Florida in 2004. Dr. van Duijn received certification in manual therapy by the University of St. Augustine in 1992 and Board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist from the ABPTS in 1997, and received recertification in 2007. His current area of practice is in general outpatient physical therapy with a special interest in orthopedic manual therapy of the spine and the extremities.

Each month a recent book authored by FGCU staff or faculty is selected and placed on display with an accompanying poster on the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors and New Books area. The author and book are also featured on the Library’s website, news blog, and Facebook page. FGCU faculty and staff are encouraged to notify the relevant subject specialist librarian if they publish a book.