20 Years: The Creation of FGCU Exhibit

Fall 2017 Exhibition

IT STARTED WITH LAND AND A GRAND PLAN - In 20 years, FGCU has become the region’s leading university, a catalyst for change, and a cultural hub for the community. FGCU has made an indelible impact on Southwest Florida. To celebrate FGCU’s first 20 years, FGCU Library Archives, Special Collections, & Digital Initiatives is proud to create an exhibition showcasing the genesis of this thriving institution. Focusing on the exploration of the land development and structural growth of FGCU, the exhibition features various views of a once-burgeoning site into a modest series of structures before culminating in its present day state.

20 Years: The Creation of FGCU is a look back on the major success and achievements made by this university over the last 20 years. By celebrating the past, we look forward to the future, as FGCU continues to make an enduring mark on the region and the memories of the countless people who wander these ever-growing halls.

Located in the FGCU Library Archives, third floor, room 322. Viewing hours are 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information, contact Kaleena Rivera at (239) 590-7506.