Myra Mendible, Ph.D.: December 2017 FGCU Author Series Nominee

Congratulations to Dr. Myra Mendible, our 50th honoree in the FGCU Author Series of recently published books authored or edited by FGCU faculty and staff. Dr. Mendible’s book, American Shame: Stigma and the Body Politic, will be featured on the Library website during the month of December and displayed on a poster on the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors book display area.

Myra Mendible (PhD, University of Miami) is Professor and co-founder of FGCU’s English Program in the Language and Literature department. Her scholarship and teaching engages a range of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, with primary interests in American political and popular culture, comparative literature, ethnicity and gender. A former Postdoctoral Fellow with the American Association of University Women and FGCU Honors College Fellow, Mendible has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. She is also Editor of three interdisciplinary collections: From Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture (University of Texas Press, 2007), Race 2008: Critical Reflections on a Historic Campaign (Brown Walker Press, 2010) and American Shame: Stigma and the Body Politic (Indiana University Press, 2016). Her current book project, American War Stories: Politics and Poetics in Contemporary Soldiers’ Memoirs, examines memoirs by veterans of the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars.

Each month a recent book authored by FGCU staff or faculty is selected and placed on display with an accompanying poster on the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors and New Books area. The author and book are also featured on the Library’s website, news blog, and Facebook page. FGCU faculty and staff are encouraged to notify the relevant subject specialist librarian if they publish a book.