Jazz it up! New image search on Encyclopaedia Britannica

Are you looking for fun images to make your presentation or project more exciting? Try the "Images" feature in Encyclopaedia Britannica!

To get to the "Images" feature:
1. Go to http://library.fgcu.edu/
2. Select "Databases" from the main search box.
3. Select "E"
4. Scroll down and select "Encyclopaedia Britannica Online"
5. Search for a topic, such as "Star Wars."
6. Limit to "Images" in the left menu.
7. Select a image to print, email, cite, or link.

The citation feature provides a citation in MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago. (Be sure to double-check for accuracy. Adjust font, format, and spacing when you cut and paste.)

Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back. Image. Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 6 Feb. 2018. academic.eb.com/levels/collegiate/assembly/view/207130. Accessed 28 Feb. 2018.

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