This Week's Business Database is Business Export Press (BEP)

BEP logo

Business Expert Press (BEP) is a collection of business e-books written in a practical, easy-to-follow style, especially for users looking for a solid foundation on a specific business topic.

Link: find Business Expert Press in the list of databases, an alphabetical list of electronic resources selected specifically for business research. Remember, that users will need their Eagle ID and passwords to access any of the databases from off campus.

Search: The entire collection can be browsed or searched from the database; or use the Library’s catalog to conduct keyword searches. Make sure to include “business expert press” as one of your keywords.

What you should know about this database:

  • Access and read eBooks online
  • Search within a title
  • Download individual chapters
  • Browse within the e-book table of contents, click hyperlinks to navigate directly to the information you need

Why you should know this database:

  • BEP’s e-books are written by experts in the field and cover business topics as diverse as consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, digital and social media, corporate governance, leadership, and much more.
  • Each e-book is written in a concise, straight-forward style intended to familiarize users learning a new business topic.

Remember: You will need to login for full access if you try to use any of the library’s electronic resources from off campus.

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