UNDERCURRENT: Florida Artists & Water Archives Exhibit Opens Monday, January 14 , 2019

New Library Archives exhibit, UNDERCURRENT: Florida Artists & Water opens Monday! You don't want to miss this one as it's really special (of course we think all of our exhibits are special 😁).

Southwest Florida has a unique environmental ecosystem consisting of preserves, sanctuaries, swamps, estuaries, and coastlines. Most notably, Charlotte Harbor, the Everglades, and Gulf of Mexico reside in our backyard. Water is the life blood of the region, allowing a spectacular array of flora and fauna to flourish here. UNDERCURRENT: Florida Artists & Water, features local artists and their reflections on the waters of Southwest Florida. The variety of mediums, textures and materials present in the exhibition mirror the eclectic nature of Florida’s wildlife, as well as its human inhabitants.

Featured artists include Charlie Brown, Mary Sullivan Voytek, Amber Frank, Jeff and Dale Ocasio, Andy Owen, and Ran Adler.