Ken Carper, Ph.D: April 2019 FGCU Author Series Nominee

Congratulations to Dr. Ken Carper, our 64th honoree in the FGCU Author Series of recently published books authored or edited by FGCU faculty and staff. Over the next month, Dr. Carper’s book World Music Cultures ( ) will be featured on the FGCU Library’s digital media channels and displayed on a poster on the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors and New Books area.

Ken Carper, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor of music at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, FL. He is a native of Pennsylvania where he founded the Pennsylvania Consort, a music organization in Bedford, PA. He serves on their Board of Directors. Dr. Carper received his Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and his master’s degree from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Due to a wonderful stroke of good luck, he was offered a full scholarship (trumpet) to attend the University of Hawaii, in Honolulu, for his Ph.D. Dr. Carper jumped at the opportunity, as Hawaii is a crossroads of cultures and the University of Hawaii is noted for its world music department.

Dr. Carper still plays trumpet and ukulele frequently. He has been very active with New Horizons International Music Association, a network of about 200 music groups serving about 10,000 senior citizens across the US and Canada that is specifically focused on retired musicians. He stepped down from President of their Board of Directors on January 1. Related to this, Dr. Carper directs the 55-piece New Horizon’s Band—players ranging from 60-90 years of age.

Throughout the year, a recent book authored by FGCU staff or faculty is selected and recognized in a variety of ways. FGCU faculty and staff are encouraged to notify the relevant subject specialist librarian if they publish a book.