Carolyn Culbertson, Ph.D: September 2019 FGCU Author Series Nominee

Congratulations to Carolyn Culbertson, Ph.D., our 67th honoree in the FGCU Author Series of recently published books authored or edited by FGCU faculty and staff. Dr. Culbertson’s book, Words Underway: Continental Philosophy of Language, ( will be featured on the FGCU Library’s digital media channels during September 2019 and displayed on a poster on the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors and New Books area.

Dr. Culbertson joined the faculty of FGCU in 2013 after earning her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Oregon. Her research as a philosopher focuses on the nature of understanding, on how language functions in the process of understanding, and on the phenomenon of linguistic alienation. In Words Underway: Continental Philosophy of Language, she explores these topics through the writings of Continental philosophers over the past century. Within the broad tradition of Continental philosophy, she is particularly inspired by the traditions of hermeneutic theory and feminist theory. She is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in journals such as Continental Philosophy Review, Comparative and Continental Philosophy, IJFAB: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, and Philosophy Today. She currently serves as the Vice President of the North American Society for Philosophical Hermeneutics and as a founding member of the Southwest Florida Community Feminist Reading Group. Dr. Culbertson is passionate about teaching and loves mentoring undergraduate students in philosophical research. At FGCU, she regularly teaches philosophy courses such as PHI 1000: Introduction to Philosophy, PHI 3223: Philosophy of Human Communication, PHH 3050: Ancient Philosophy, and PHM 4123: Feminist Philosophy.

Throughout the year, a recent book authored by FGCU staff or faculty is selected and recognized in a variety of ways. FGCU faculty and staff are encouraged to notify the relevant subject specialist librarian if they publish a book.