Victor Claar, Ph.D: October 2019 FGCU Author Series Nominee

Congratulations to Victor Claar, Ph.D., our 68th honoree in the FGCU Author Series of recently published books authored or edited by FGCU faculty and staff. Dr. Claar’s book The Keynesian Revolution and Our Empty Economy: We're All Dead ( will be featured on the FGCU Library’s digital media channels during October 2019 and displayed on a poster on the first floor of Library West in the FGCU Authors and New Books area.

Victor V. Claar, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Economics in the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he holds the BB&T Distinguished Professorship in Free Enterprise. Professor Claar has served as a Fulbright Scholar, having spent a year giving lectures and conducting research in the former-Soviet republic of Armenia. He is also an elected member of both the Philadelphia Society and the Mont Pelerin Society, and serves as an affiliate scholar at the Acton Institute.

Dr. Claar has a long, impressive record of publications including his influential book, Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy and Life Choices, now in its tenth printing and recently translated into Chinese. His peer-reviewed papers have been published in journals such as Applied Economics and Public Finance Review. While you may have heard that economics was once dubbed the “dismal science,” Professor Claar’s work demonstrates that this field is quite the opposite, especially when it does what Professor Claar does: think seriously about the human person behind the powerful diagrams and numbers of economics, resulting in a vision of hope.

Professor Claar is also the author of Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution, an incisive, thoughtful work that challenges us all to rethink how we buy what we need and want. And his latest book, The Keynesian Revolution and Our Empty Economy: We’re All Dead, traces the legacy of John Maynard Keynes – not only within economics, but also in how each of us now sees ourselves in relation to our own economic activities. The paperback for this title is due out in June 2020.

Throughout the year, a recent book authored by FGCU staff or faculty is selected and recognized in a variety of ways. FGCU faculty and staff are encouraged to notify the relevant subject specialist librarian if they publish a book.